Home Renovations in Gold Coast

Turnkey building and renovation projects for residential and commercial space


Turnkey building and renovation projects for residential and commercial space


Turnkey building and renovation projects for residential and commercial space

01 Apartment upgrade
02 House extensions
03 Commercial space

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If you want to have elderly parents close to you, work from home or need a hobby room, we prepare a granny flat plan and price and build an additional space for you. Raw Build offers a set of planning services, obtains approvals and builds an independent living facility.

Converting your garage or a carport into a bedroom, media room, gym or office is an innovative idea to increase the functionality of your house. Let us know what you need, and we help you to make it real. Raw Build transforms your garage into a living oasis from layouts, plumbing, and electrical features to lighting and storage.

Whether it is a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living room in your house or apartment, you can pass the reno to us. Based on your budget and goal, we see opportunities to expand space within the layout and interior design. Improve your lifestyle and functionality of individual rooms for a fresh and modern feel.

If your home is not big enough for a growing family or you want to get the best use out of it, we can help to improve your living style. From home extensions, granny flats or second storey additions, you get a new property with fewer investments. With demolition and remodelling, engineering and construction to room conversions and appliance installation, we get your project done.

Whether it is one room only, or an entire apartment renovation, it can be a huge life-changer for a limited space. With minor maintenance or major changes, you will need approvals from strata and also consider your neighbours. We help you to visualise ideas with the apartment’s layout and obtain all the necessary permits. You can improve your life with a whole project from updating electrics or plumbing, remodelling space or a brand new, designed room.

Extension to the Duplex house creates additional space but can be challenging. With shared walls, sound insulation or distance limits, your ideas need to meet permit conditions. We help extend your living space keeping in mind overshadowing, placement of windows, and the size of the land block together with council requirements.

Queenslanders have a great range of options for extension and renovations. From adding a storey or garage conversions, to building out on sloping blocks, you can enhance the functionality of your home, keeping its charming character. Whether it is an added bedroom or a floor plan adjustment, we obtain the necessary permits for your project to go smoothly. Raw Build assists with quality materials within your budget to keep your house’s character in the same heritage style.

When you own commercial property or are renting a space for your business, refurbishment is essential to attract clients. We offer a full package of renovation services for your office, retail, gym and coffee shop to get the most out of the commercial space. From a fresh redecorating to a complete transformation reflecting your brand’s values; let us carry out your commercial fit-out project.


01 Initial meeting

During our first meeting, you tell us about your idea and the goal of the project. Whether you need an apartment reno, house extension, building a granny flat or redesigning your office, we’ve got you covered. Depending on the premises type and your plans and drawing, we inspect your space and advise further.

02 Planning

After analysing exterior or interior design drawings, we consider council or strata permits and work on materials and execution outcomes. Based on your needs and budget, Raw Build suggests to you a range of quality materials and finishes that suit the terrain and premises’ structure.

03 Estimation

At this stage, we finalise your project and estimate cost - considering the timeframe, materials cost and complexity. You can remove or add some ideas and costs based on your budget plan and the alternative outcomes we offer.

04 Quote

Once estimation is completed, and you check the project outline and stages, we approve the quote. For your confidence and ability to manage cash flow with loans, we break the cost into progress payments and prepare a contract to sign.

05 Turnkey process

Building or renovation is a time for our team of experts to bring your idea to life. Whether it is an apartment reno or building a house from scratch, you can follow up every stage and visit a site at any time. RB follows a successful and established order for a smooth and quality process and updates you with the project’s progress.

06 Handover

After cleaning up the site, we perform a handover to present your completed project. During the final stage, you check the dwelling, plumbing and electrical fittings. From the roof to the cellar and luxury taps to installed electrical goods, we hand over our work with a guarantee to meet your expectations.

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    Bathroom Renovation Gold Coast

    Completed projects

    Oxenford Duplex Renovation
    The address: Oxenford QLD 4210
    Object type: Renovation and expansion
    Work area: 110 m2, 1 floor
    Work completion time: 3 months

    The Oxenford project was a major Duplex renovation. The project’s goal was to extend the living area and find more opportunities for the best functionality of the house. The work included the coherent garage conversion into a third bedroom and additional space for the kitchen and a laundry room. We have renovated the bathroom and toilet, installed a brand new kitchen and laundry closet with custom-made concrete countertops. Due to the house’s age, the ceiling was sagging and was replaced with modern, durable materials. The flooring was laid in basket weave pattern with Turpentine timber inlay of 14 mm solid parquetry. To complete the project with outdoor space, we designed and levelled a part of the side yard to accommodate a carport for four cars. At the client’s request, we also built retaining walls and garden beds. As a result, we completed the project of 100m2 in three months. Our client was happy with the additional living area, interior design and finishes, and outside space and landscaping service.

    Studio Pilates Springfield
    The address: Springfield QLD 4300
    Object type: Commercial premises
    Work area: 95 m2, 1 floor
    Work completion time: 4 weeks

    Our task was to complete the project in 4 weeks. We had to very carefully observe the schedule, control all procedures in order to deliver the object on time and at a high quality level. Another problem we faced was fire hydrants. We had to work a lot with the certification body to make sure the fire hydrants were properly relocated, adhered to the Australian Building Coad standard, and also matched the studio's design. As a result, we completed all the agreed tasks in 4 weeks, after which the Pilates studio was able to open its doors to visitors.

    LKV Flooring Showroom
    The address: Tingalpa QLD 4173
    Object type: Commercial premises
    Work area: 98 m2, 1 floor
    Work completion time: 3 weeks

    The perfect example of our commercial turnkey project was carried out in conjunction with SRPG. Rented in a newly built centre, Studio Pilates Springfield needed to shop-fit its space according to franchise design and standards. Limited to a short time frame of four weeks, we also had to find a solution to relocating fire hydrants. We worked with the certification body to ensure the fire hydrants were relocated correctly and adhered to Australian Building Code. Following specific franchise standards requirements, we designed the renovation from ceiling to the floor with detailed finishing and fixtures. As a result of accurate planning and detailed estimation, the project was completed in four weeks and to the agreed budget. The Pilates studio was able to open its doors to visitors on the advertised date.

    Casino Towers Apartment
    The address: Brisbane City QLD 4000
    Object type: Renovation
    Work area: 105 m2
    Work completion time: 10 weeks

    The turnkey project for a renovated beautiful apartment in the heart of Brisbane's CBD together with EXULT Design The 105m2 apartment with a breathtaking view had strict noise regulations from the body corporate which reduced our working hours. The materials delivery to the high-rise apartment tower needed advanced logistics during the whole project. Working with professional designers made the entire project flow perfectly, with required attention to the execution. To win an extra 10 mm for the suspended ceiling, we reduced air conditioning and ventilation ducts. To complete the design idea and ethical look, we seamlessly implemented the concealed fire extinguisher sprinklers. As a result, we completed the project on time with a beautiful design and highly functional rooms with plenty of storage and excellent lighting.

    Commercial Fitting LKV Timber Flooring Showroom
    Brisbane Apartment Reno
    01 Fixed budget and terms

    We work within the agreed time frame and quote and exclude the additional costs.

    02 Certifications and permits

    We take care of all permit regulations and strata approvals to save you time and make your experience more smooth.

    03 Process payment

    We break down the project into stages, offering you progress payment options. You can feel confident and manage your cash flow.

    04 Timing

    The turnkey project takes one to two months and is delivered to you without delay.

    Affordable Builder Gold Coast
    Kirill Lavrik

    Raw Build is your trusted local builder to manage the process of a property’s renovation, extension or building. 

    The founder, Kirill, has 10+ years in the building industry. Starting as flooring and reno services, he knows where a project can go wrong and sees potential mistakes. That’s why he makes sure that your idea starts with the proper planning and every stage is done to high quality standards. 

    Raw Built Construction team helps with all development approvals and legal requirements, from room renovation and house extensions to luxury home construction. 

    Deadlines and communication are key values in our business. We always stay in touch for your confidence and comfort, offering flexibility through the financial and building process. As a small size company, we offer you a trusting relationship and personal touch that big companies rarely do. 

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    Reviews about our work
    Renovation Designer Gold Coast
    Kate Evans
    28 January 2021

    Kirill and the team at Raw Built Construction completed a full apartment renovation for our client. They ran the project with professionalism, quality workmanship and great attention to detail. Everything came in on time and within budget. We couldn't be happier with their services and our clients are blown away by the final product. We would happily recommend to anyone looking for quality building services.

    Roman Miller Gold Coast Timber Flooring
    Roman Miller
    18 January 2021

    Raw Built did an excellent job with our showroom renovation. From start to completion everything was exceptional. Kirill was very professional and gave us reasonable price. Highly recommend!

    T N
    08 June 2021

    Kirill did bathroom renovation in our holiday home on Gold Coast. He arrived on time, listened to our wishes and sent a quote promptly. He’s explained everything about what and why it needs to be done, with a deep knowledge about the job he’s doing. Also, he’s prices were also fair compared to others. We’re happy with our choice as all jobs were done within the stated time frame without additional costs and left place clean. Big thank you to Raw Built Construction for your 5* service

    Jo Harris
    24 June 2021

    Kirill and his team at Raw Built did a full bathroom renovation at my house. His work was of high quality, with great attention to detail and great value ! Communications was always open regarding the progress of the works and Kirill was very flexible with accomodations to changes along the way! Highly recommended if you need any building works done !

    Aaron Cox
    12 August 2021

    Raw Built did an amazing job removing our old carport ceiling and replacing it with a custom VJ board ceiling to match the rest of our outdoor undercover areas. Kirill's attention to detail and professionalism throughout the entire process was top notch. Would definitely recommend Raw Built to anyone looking for a hardworking, consultative and professional builder with an eye for detail.

    Cath Toole
    20 August 2021

    Highly recommend Kirill from Raw Built. He is simply brilliant. We had tricky balcony renovations and it was completed to the highest standard. Kirill and team were friendly, professional and honest. Kirill is a perfectionist! We are so happy with the end result. Our balcony's look amazing. We will be calling Raw Built for our next job.

    Andre Marschke
    24 August 2021

    Highly recommend Kirill from Raw Built. He is simply brilliant. We had tricky balcony renovations and it was completed to the highest standard. Kirill and team were friendly, professional and honest. Kirill is a perfectionist! We are so happy with the end result. Our balcony's look amazing. We will be calling Raw Built for our next job.

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      WE TAKE PROJECTS ON THE GOLD COAST AND GREATER BRISBANE AREAS We have established effective work on the South-East coast, quickly process applications, go to objects for inspection and begin renovations.
      Answers to Your popular questions
      How to calculate the turnkey project?
      The cost of the renovation or building project depends on the complexity of the work. All building materials cost is estimated separately and based on your budget. There are no excluded or additional costs after the agreement.
      Can you help with paperwork for remodelling rooms and redevelopment of the house?
      We investigate the premises and obtain all permits and certificates needed to speed up the process and save you from paperwork.
      Can you do projects partly?
      We are flexible and you can choose what type of building or renovation service to delegate to us.
      How to start a building or renovation project?
      We come to you to assess the work, plan and estimate the cost of the project and after agreement on price and signing the contract, we proceed with work.
      How much does the initial meeting cost?
      We don’t charge for visiting your premises and conducting the initial interview to give you an estimated price.
      Is it possible to change, add or cancel some services during a project?
      If your circumstances require changes, we add an annex to the current agreement with additional conditions, depending on the renovation’s stage.
      How small or big can the turnkey project be?
      From one room renovation or redecorating to an entire apartment, house or commercial fit-out.
      Can I follow up on the project progress?
      Communication with you is the key to a successful project. Your supervisor is always in touch, updating progress with photo reports, and you are always welcome on site.
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